Recent articles in The Platinum Journal

  • Quoted Managed Funds to launch 14 Sept 2017 - Platinum will launch the Platinum International Fund (Quoted Managed Fund) (ASX: PIXX) and Platinum Asia Fund (Quoted Managed Fund) (ASX: PAXX). These will feed into the existing Platinum International & Asia Funds whilst giving easy access through the ASX, together with live pricing and little paperwork associated with traditional managed funds.
  • Macro Update - June 2017 - Australia’s economy and financial markets may be facing some headwinds as a global rebalancing is underway between the current account surplus nations and those with significant current account deficits. So what should Australian investors do, particularly when the property boom is beginning to subside? Where do the better opportunities lie?
  • Facts, Feelings and the Importance of Composition - When investing, how often do you check whether your “feelings” are backed by facts? And does the strength of your conviction in a stock hold up against the weight of the evidence?
  • Europe's Road from Austerity to Prosperity - In our March 2017 quarterly macro overview, Andrew Clifford, CIO, recounted in some detail the causes and effects of the current imbalances in major global economies.  He also discussed some of the investment implications the trade imbalance and an impending rebalancing hold for China in particular.  This article seeks to build on Andrew’s framework and explore what these phenomena mean for investors in Europe.
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